Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stacy Q, Hi-Fi Sweet Leaf

Decomposed Cockoo (26:29):
-1:42: noise
-12:04: great, another track of ear rape

Stacy Q, Hi-Fi Sweet Leaf (26:29):
-0:18: distorted electronics which are mildly interesting.
-3:23: i think this is the second bass guitar that i've heard throughout the entire merzbox.
-3:41: sounds like he's actually sampling a motorbike revving... or possibly a chainsaw!
-5:09: this funk sample would have been a lot more appropriate on those "music for funk arts" songs
-6:22: IDM-ish beat amongst samples. this song is decent. much better than anything on the past few albums at least.
-14:21: song is a lot less interesting

VERDICT: second song is alright.

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