Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enclosure/Libido Economy

Enclosure (17:19):
-1:03: so far the song is quiet. just violins in the background and banging every now and then.
-3:48: i like some of the effects he uses here... similar to the last album but so far not as engaging.
-5:00: noise kicks in. not quite as ear-bashing as some of his other albums though.
-10:51: the noise is not being used as a tool to rape ears, but instead to compliment the dark ambient feel of the song. merzbow is getting smarter it seems!
-15:10: ~menacing synths~

Scarabe (5:32):
-0:05: tribal drums
-2:35: piano! it only lasts for a few seconds but it adds to the atmosphere.
-4:10: a bit of KSSSSSSSH but it's not too loud.

Interline No. 1-3 (18:10):
-5:10: bleep bloop. not as interesting as the last two songs.
-12:58: static and shit.

Itch (5:41):
-0:14: industrial nonsense

Libido Economy No. 1 (5:41):
-3:36: cut up bits of noise and high pitched drones. not a very good song.

Libido Economy No. 2 (5:34):
see previous song for a description. boring.

VERDICT: first two songs are good then the album becomes very boring very quickly.

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