Monday, June 7, 2010

Hannover Cloud

Magnetic Void (20:35):
-12:32: props for being the loudest merzbow song i've listened to, i guess?

Rocket Bomber (15:16):
-0:01: this track has an awesome name so i'm hoping it will be good!!
-0:15: DRUMS! this possibly won't be terrible.
-2:42: drums are gone, more ridiculously loud noise. and a guy shouting something incomprehensible.
-12:50: shit

Untitled Cock (6:30):
-1:41: basically all noise so far, although noticeably less harsh than the last two songs

Autopussy Go No Go 2 (13:24):
-2:59: again, less noise than the first two songs. somewhat interesting electronic fuckery i guess.
-8:14: hissing and loops. whatever.

VERDICT: loudest merzbow album i've listened to yet. and that's saying something. recommended if you feel like blowing out your ears!

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