Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collection Era Vol. 2

Merz Rock 1 (1:59):
1:00: something that sounds a bit like lightning bolt with a nice beat over the top. listenable.

Merz Rock 2 (8:24):
3:15: this is basically the same as the last song, except occasionally the beat fades out, and the noise is... noisier

Merz Gamlan 1 (15:54):
0:05: pan flutes...?
3:27: this is basically a stereotypical LOUD NOISES song. some of it is neat but it's just a clusterfuck of sound.
6:41: TAPPITY TAPPITY TAPPITY. thing that sounds remotely like a pan flute is still going.

Merz Gamlan 2 (5:56):
2:02: this is even less interesting than the last song.

Merz Scat (11:30):
0:15: neat percussion as always. some weird distorted sample. due to its name i expect this to get pretty nonsensical after a while.
8:44: this isn't that bad. noise is toned down in favor of drum wankery which i find much more listenable.
9:20: sounds like he's making popcorn.

Merztronics Jazz Mix (11:46):
0:11: opens with some weird electronics, and an actual bass!
1:51: so far this is interesting without being chaotic. there is one high pitched drone that is getting to me though.
2:33: this is merzbow's best guitar solo attempt yet. that's not saying much, but still!
7:52: he has basically been doing the same thing for the last 5 minutes. how does this guy not get sick of making music?

Merztronics Rhythm Mix (11:17):
0:20: i don't know what the last track was but it was a far cry from jazz. this is actually pretty rhythmic though. distorted tribal drums and a snare, and some minor electronics.
5:02: the only part of this song that is changing is the electronics. though i could care less about that because there's an awesome drum beat.

VERDICT: too fucking long. cut it down to 40 minutes and holy shit it would actually be good!!

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