Sunday, June 6, 2010

SCUM - Scissors For Cutting Merzbow Vol. 1

apparently this download is missing a song: Yeah, But That Was Just Dyke Stuff Great Nude Variation No.2. how will i ever live knowing i have missed out on this gem???

Cockchola (12:56):
-1:28: sounds like the album i listened to last night, KIR transformation. not a good thing.
-5:41: sounds like something hrvatski would make... except without any sort of beat at all.
-9:39: yeah this is completely unremarkable

Extract 1 (4:23):
-0:19: i loooove distorted classical music
-3:16: entire song is aforementioned classical music and screeching industrial shit.

Extract 2 (5:49):
-0:33: more screeching

Extract 3 (1:18):
-1:18: i guess this sounded the same as the last track because i completely missed it!

Extract 4 (5:48):
-4:32: completely unremarkable

Kinetic Environment (11:47):
-2:07: something that sounds like a xylophone. i think. also, distortion and shit.
-10:18: industrial nonsense finally dies down.

VERDICT: boring

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