Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Material Action For 2 Microphones

Hoochie Coochie Scratched Man (wat) (25:32):
0:10: weird indian sample or something
1:18: noise started a little while ago. weird high pitched sound that is very distracting at the moment.
5:14: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
16:15: i guess this is when merzbow decided that making decent music is for losers
20:38: for about 3 minutes a sound collage of god knows what (sounds like music from a 70's TV show) along with a pounding drum beat has been playing. it's still annoying but it's tolerable and more interesting than BWOOOOOOOM

New Acoustic Music No. 7 (23:59):
0:10: very distorted, decent guitar riff along with what sounds like broken glass.
0:41: sounds like he's sampling alvin and the chipmunks. but i think it's just jpop.
5:52: percussion that's distorted to hell along with some strings. not as bad as the last song so far.
20:54: the entire song is like the three snippets i described above. ugh. at least the jpop samples are pretty funny.

Yumin, Non Stop Disco (21:15):
0:50: hilariously distorted japanese rock song
10:39: this is basically a continuation of the last song... nothing new here, folks

VERDICT: starting to get very samey

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