Monday, June 7, 2010


another album that is missing a song :(((

UP Steel CUM (16:23):
-0:05: DRRRRRRRRRRRRM and dark ambient nonsense
-1:37: finally, a song with drums. they aren't exactly fitting compared to the rest of the song, but it's interesting
-9:04: drums gone, harsh noise in their place.

Catabolism Variation Stereo No. 1 (14:01):
-2:41: noise. kind of interesting.
-6:44: this part of the song is surprisingly calm...
-7:00: the fuck is this? sounds like music from the wii
-7:31: pleasant electronic music drowned out by KSSSSSSSSSSH :(
-10:54: weird beat and something that sounds like explosions.

VERDICT: this was decent. probably because the 30 minute song was missing.

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