Friday, June 4, 2010

Sadomasochismo/The Lampinak

Antimony Pt. 1 (10:32):
-2:48: so far, industrial nonsense.

Antimony Pt. 2 (13:06):
-4:11: more unremarkable harsh noise

Eyes of Isonokami (11:41):
-1:30: dark ambient shit (think Sin Nanna) with KSSSSSH over the top.

The Lampinak - Spirit Power (10:30):
-1:02: at this point i realise that Eyes of Isonokami has actually finished and i'm on the next song.

Carcass on the Floor (4:37):
-1:50: this song isn't overly heavy despite its name. drums and noise. standard merzbow, maybe a bit quieter than usual.

Village of 8 Graves (4:32):
-1:15: i guess the percussion is kind of cool around here...

VERDICT: boring

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