Friday, June 4, 2010

Pornoise extra

final 'pornoise' release i think, thank god

Flesh Radio 1 (4:51):
-0:01: static right from the get-go.
-2:16: this song is unpleasant.

Flesh Radio 2 (4:51):
-2:51: background noise sounds like an aeroplane. NEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW

Dance of Dharma-Kala (13:30):
-1:04: somewhat annoying kshkshksh with chanting and drums. not too bad, i guess
-9:47: this song might be tolerable if it's only 5 minutes long, but this is overdone.

Psychotic Orange (0:43):
-0:33: so this entire song is just a bassy electronic drone. shortest song yet!

Helga's Death Disco (5:34):
-0:18: disco beat with noise and a woman screaming over the top. the fuck?
-5:13: this song isn't bad. noise is a lot better when you throw a beat behind it, really.

Eros Pandra (8:30):
-6:39: this song is pretty boring

Kirie (6:46):
-0:15: more industrial nonsense
-1:49: this song is completely unremarkable. there's only so many times i can turn caps lock on and hold down E for three seconds :(

Domine (5:55):
-0:18: sample gradually getting louder. GEE I WONDER IF THERE'S GOING TO BE A HUGE BUILDUP OF NOISE
-2:32: yep there it is

Chopin Is Dead (5:57):
-0:10: distorted piano along with tapping. guess this is where the song gets its name from.
-5:41: same piano sample loops over and over. distracting enough to not notice the noise.

Risa Supersex (2:55):
-2:32: i don't think the guy even plays instruments anymore, he just gets a sample and loops it over and over and puts noise over it.

VERDICT: has one good song.

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