Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mechanization Takes Command

Electric Pygmy Decollage (14:13):
-0:23: samples and tribal drums.
-1:15: hey he used one of those arabian instruments. i forget what they're called but whatever.
-3:24: why is a typical rock beat over noise so damn funny?

Mechanization Takes Command (11:02):
-0:33: sounds like a typical noise track aside from a few seconds of guitar strumming
-1:35: industrial drums getting faster and faster. sounds kind of cool.
-7:51: the track was decent up until this point but now it's just HARSH NOISE YEAHHHHHHH

Peaches Red Indian (10:47):
0:32: IDM-ish beat with a stoner-ish riff in the background and beeps. so far so good!
1:13: false alarm, EEEEEEE is gone.
2:40: i actually like this! noise is kept to a minimum and it's pretty psychedelic overall.
9:12: song became more noise oriented at about 7 minutes, but i still like it. that awesome beat makes the song more interesting than pure noise.

Sahara (5:45):
-0:33: more noisy than the last song, but there's a slow drum beat, so i'll remain hopeful
-3:14: PSSSSSSSSH with a bit of feedback. guess it's not bad.

Iggy (3:16):
-0:10: more neat percussion! this is still very abrasive but good.
-0:34: sounds like an electronic version of lightning bolt.
-3:06: k i dislike this. goes nowhere.

Suicidal Machine (14:18):
-2:16: k this is annoying
-8:45: after almost 9 minutes of white noise, some variation comes in the form of PEW PEW every 5 seconds.
-14:08: song finally dies down. glad that's over.

Ai-Da-Ho (10:19):
-0:33: distortion and a somewhat distorted guitar playing slowly.
-2:29: that became very loud very quickly.
-10:09: this was boring.

VERDICT: Peaches Red Indian is possibly my favorite song by him so far! worth getting for that. it is the first merzbow song i feel like listening to more than once.

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