Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music For True Romance Vol. 1

True Romance Theme (3:54):
-0:05:a looping drum sample coming from what sounds like a marching band sure is romantic~
-3:54: uh yeah that's the whole song.

Music Cave (2:27):
-0:16: distorted irish music (?) accompanied by a flute (? no idea). this is kind of cool...

She Floating (Preparation) (15:44):
-0:39: feedback. i was hopeful after the last two reasonably creative songs as well :(
-14:01: some guitar strumming accompanied by KSSSSSSSH at certain intervals. this song is pretty terrible.

She Mutilation (Main Ritual) (15:19):
-0:05: same drum loop from the first song
-7:33: classical music samples. i really have no idea what's going on in this song tbh
-11:30: noise

Injured Imperial Soldiers Marching Song (22:30):
-12:31: uh... yeah... most of this is distorted military music or whatever. it's pretty cool actually.
-17:30: song descends into glitchy electronics for a minute. then more samples!!!
-19:43: trumpets distorted so badly that they sound more like bagpipes.

VERDICT: aside from the two tracks that take up half of the album, this isn't too bad!

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