Friday, June 4, 2010

Dying Mapa Tapes 2-3

Sukha, Chanda, Tano, Kless (23:26):
-0:35: some weird samples, i guess?
-4:50: props for no harsh noise. high-pitched violin nonsense at the moment.
-9:35: noise kicks in.
-10:53: classical music sample. ~so deep~
-17:02: jazz sample. I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW DEEP THIS IS
-21:52: more screeching violins.

Genetic Erotic (Sie Wiro Weib) (22:56):
-0:10: instantly starts off with screeching. not looking forward to this.
-13:08: helicopter noises with screeching. i have now described this entire song.

Rejet, Ictus, Connotation, Accompagnement, Penisersatz, Stigma Indelible Etc. (23:14):
-0:05: distorted video game music....? dunno what the fuck it is
-0:25: distorted video game music, now with SCREEEEEEEEEE
-4:06: more violins.
-4:16: guitars!
-5:31: at first it sounded like he was sampling children's music but then the pitch changed and i think it's classical. guitar is gone too.
-8:34: ambience. samples of people talking in japanese.
-13:35: song begins to sound like a jet engine around here
-15:08: more samples and ambience.

VERDICT: pretty boring overall.

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