Friday, June 4, 2010

Pornoise/1kg Vol. 3

UFO Vs. British Army (30:45):
-4:08: same sample being looped over and over and over with KSSSSSSH in the background. this entire 'pornoise' series is really really bad.
-17:53: the entire song... is literally the same thing over and over...
-28:34: SONG FINALLY SOUNDS DIFFERENT! tribal drums.
-29:15: oh never mind, the drums are gone and the same sample is being looped again.

Toy 69 (28:55):
-1:09: so is this the same sample from the last song?
-1:28: more drums. so far this is better than anything on the last 3 or so albums.
-6:09: samples of women moaning. i like this song!
-22:56: track becomes more noisy after the 20 minute mark it seems. still not bad though.

VERDICT: better than the other two 'pornoise' albums, if only for the second track.

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