Saturday, June 5, 2010


Joint (20:50):
-1:38: so this is a collaboration? so far it just sounds like a typical merzbow album, albeit more ambient.
-5:53: so far this album is mostly static.
-10:07: hey there's a distorted guitar riff here.
-17:17: i guess the guitar that played for about a minute was the artist he's collaborating with, because the rest of the song is just KSSSSSSSSSH. oh, and there was a bit of screaming at around 5 minutes but i think that was just a sample.

Code-Gerausch-Aggregate (20:12):
-3:07: random tinging sounds and spacey synths or something i don't know. it randomly stops and starts as well.
-16:08: for about 4 minutes, there has been nothing but a scraping sound.

Jointed (7:07):
-4:33: weedlyweedlyweedly guitar solo
-6:59: this is mostly noise

VERDICT: whatever

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