Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Collection Era Vol. 1

three more long tracks, ugh.

Electric Environment (24:01):
0:10: came in expecting electronics. more drums! awesome!
0:46: disregard that. noise kicks in. ugh.
3:32: i now realise that i am going to be listening to nothing but this for the next week. FUCK.
9:45: i have to sit through 46 more albums of this? really?
14:30: around this time i started to zone out and play songs in my head. np: BATS - Gamma Ray Burst: Second Date (this doesn't count as cheating OK)
21:53: hey, it's a melody!

Untitled Material Action (23:57):
0:15: splashing water. i feel like going to the toilet.
0:37: binging noises. not unpleasant. i could zone out to this.
2:57: the binging noise was perfectly co-ordinated with the person signing in to MSN sound.
12:48: this is some space-age bleeps and bloops. pretty cheesy actually.
18:58: random sample of a psychedelic rock song out of fucking nowhere. went for 2 seconds. wat.
19:33: random classical sample. this song is fucked up.

Telecom Manipulation (18:18):
0:46: is that an organ? why is there an organ here?
8:54: crazy violins or something along with beeping. not very listenable but it's kind of neat.
14:02: this song is full of samples. i think i hear circus music here?
16:00: more violin nonsense. the lack of KSRSSSSSSSSH makes this interesting rather than annoying.

VERDICT: some interesting electronic stuff that i don't think people would expect from merzbow. doubt there were many artists doing anything like it. borderline unlistenable though.

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