Thursday, June 3, 2010

Expanded Music

M.F.S. W1 (18:59):
-i went to have a shower and left the music on Solonoise Part 3, and must have flicked over to check the track lengths. anyway this was on about 7 minutes after i finished my shower. no great loss.

i could hear it from across the room though. whoops.

-8:29: noise, noise and more noise.
-9:00: paused to go watch TV.
-10:33: a ton of sound drops out of my left headphone, almost thought it was broken. fuck you merzbow.
-17:31: this song is not very creative, i am quite glad that i didn't listen to it all.

Manipulation 1 (17:37):
-3:04: so... this high pitched sound has been repeated for the last 3 minutes.
-4:06: the sound moves into a higher pitch for 5 seconds, then changes back to what it was and gets louder. GENIUS
-13:47: i think it moved into noise at about the 7 minute mark? i've been completely zoning out despite the abrasiveness.

Manipulation 2 (5:29):


Manipulation 3 (6:37):
-0:05: sampling of a party or something. so loud it clips a bit.
-3:16: this sounds like youtube poop. PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN RIGHT HERE

Manipulation 4 (3:53):
-0:02: this kind of sounds cool. very loud but interesting electronics.
-3:28: this erupted into standard noise a while ago. seems like i'm becoming apathetic to it.

Manipulation 5 (2:51):
-0:05: beat is pretty cool. more boring noise.
-2:13: remove all the noise and this would make a decent breakcore track.

Manipulation 6 (2:15):
-1:48: i think i heard strings somewhere in there...

Manipulation 7 (1:57):
-0:05: you know the drill

Manipulation 8 (5:46):
-0:02: straight away, there's some noise. this is deep and droney though rather than high-pitched and annoying.
-0:31: never mind, now it's high pitched and annoying.
-2:39: bored.

VERDICT: this album really lacks a shred of creativity and is just mindless. avoid.

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